Off camera: my sister laughing at me, people staring, and I’m sat on the floor.

Either I’ve had too much prosecco or Britney Spears’ Toxic is a damn catchy tune.

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I’m being laughed at for taking selfies with fish at the aquarium today. It seemed reasonable at the time.

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In love with my new Star Wars dress. Pictures will surely follow.

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Falling in love with jellyfish at the aquarium for selvaritan's birthday ♥

Happy birthday, selvaritan! :)

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Icecream smoothie! Bottom layer is just frozen cherries and coconut milk. In between I filled with some caramelised buckinis then the top layer is blueberries, coconut milk, kale and maple syrup.

"Everybody wants to be a cat."

(via xkcd: Free Speech)
Today’s XKCD fucking killed it.

It’s my sister’s birthday tomorrow and we spent this evening sat in the garden, surrounded by fairy lights, drinking bucks fizz and reminiscing ♥

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